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    Someday Somewhere Otherwise On And On ...

    Gallery NIKKO , Tokyo
    Used clothing, electric fan, vinyl string, toy, color copy, FRP

    This project expressing a "lifeline" by a parachute. Linus is a famous cartoon ' Peanuts ' character. He is always carrying blanket.likewise I can feel peaceful relief on a particular blanket or clothes even now. It may be, in a sense, regarded as lifeline in the present day for me. I think everybody need the lifeline. And so this project has intention of expressing an image of such lifeline by using a parachute. This exhibition is composed of some elements. "Castle wall made of used clothes " and " The parachute made of used clothes ", "Video Tape for the real performance by my sky-diving" and " Pictures for production process"

Copyright:(c)ISOZAKI Michiyoshi